About US

ego Art & Entertainment Gallery is Rental space which can be rented out for art exhibitions, workshops, music events, private parties and other and creative activities.Please contact us via email for questions regarding our services. Inquiries are available in English and Japanese.

Space Rental Price List

Rental for Art Exhibition Purpose

Price 1 week(7 consecutive days): 90,000 yen
Weekdays     Base Price (10am ~6 pm): 16,000 yen per day
Sat, Sun & Holiday Base Price(11am~6pm): 20,000 yen per day
*Minimum consecutive 3 days
*Additonal time after 6pm:3,500 yen per hour
*ego takes no commission on artwork sold

Rental for Private Party Purpose

Price Weekdays
10am ~6pm: 3,000 yen per hour
6pm~11pm: 4,000 yen per hour
Sat, Sun & Holiday 10am~11pm: 5,000 yen per hour
* Minimum 2 hours